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Continued education for the nail enthusiast or a currently licensed nail tech looking to advance their skill.

Online Academy Courses

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First courses launch soon!

Set Up for Class:

Please be sure to have a nice, clean, quiet station in a comfy place where you can create and relax. To follow along, be sure to have adequate lighting and a UV/LED lamp, as well as the basics such as table towels, wipes, alcohol, etc. 

Products Needed for Class:

I highly suggest joining along with me during our courses so we can work together. A product list will be available in the classroom for that particular course. You are welcome to use what you have on hand. 


Certificates will be available to download​ after the class.


 All course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Currently not accepting any students, clients or models during Covid-19 self quarantine. I will edit my website and social media when/if that changes. Thank you for your patience!

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Covid-19/Coronavirus info in my F.A.Q.

Upcoming Courses:

3D Acrylic & Gel Classes

Fun multidimensional techniques and designs!

One Stroke Courses

Intro level one stroke courses with themed designs featuring the one stroke and fine line techniques to create full set designs to advanced Floral Courses 

Mixed Media Courses

Foils? Stamps? Simple hand painting? These beginner to moderate level courses feature all types of techniques, all products, everything goes, this is a fun vibes class!

Inlaid Art Design Acrylic, Polygel/Acrygel & Gel 

I love a clear finished inlay design packed with lots of fun goodies! This class will get your creative juices flowing to get your clients drooling!

Gel Art Courses

Layered coats featuring highlighting and shading techniques created stunning nail art!

Ombre Every Way

A select-your style course featuring multiple techniques in gel polish, acrylic, polygel/acrygel, or builder gel ombres.

Complete Set Designs

Theis collection of courses are super fun as they incorporate several techniques in each class to make beautifully composition sets from start to finish ranging from bridal to holiday, chic to funky and everywhere in between! 

Structured Manicure

The perfect natural look with strength and beauty. The "gel polish manicure" has been upgraded.

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