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Enhancement  Courses

Acrylic, Hard Gel & Poly/Acrygel Enhancement Courses!

What you will learn:

In this hand's on start to finish private lesson you will learn how to create beautiful nails that will last! Gel nails are an odorless enhancement that is becoming more and more in demand, and flawless acrylic enhancements are everywhere on social media. Knowing proper structure will set you above the competition. You'll learn how to create Clear, Nude, Baby Boomer/French Fade nails and more! I have divided my acrylic, hard gel and polygel courses into categories to help you at your speed and to attain your goals. Since these are private courses the curriculum may be slightly tweaked for your own individual needs and goals. This class will go over how I prep and finish with an e-file, but is not required to bring one for this class; you may bring one if you would like or sign a waver and use mine and keep yours at home. 

Class starts at 10am and ends at 4pm with a lunch break

In this hand's on private lesson you will learn:

~proper prep

~form placement and/or tip application

~acrylic application (ratios, smooth application to reduce filing)

~shaping and finishing

While each level goes over specific shapes, each course from 100-400 will cover these techniques: 



~encapsulated/inlay art



Codes: A= acrylic, G= Hard Gel, PG= Poly/Acrygel

Level One Introductory Series

$600 Includes a full kit!

A/G/PG 101: Popular salon shapes such as coffin, square and almond (aka short stiletto)

Level Two Intermediate Series $500

A/G/PG 200: Intermediate shapes sculpted: sport length square, mini pipe and oval/round

Level Three Advanced Series $500

A/G/PG 300: Advanced shapes such as Marilyn, Gothic Almond and Stiletto

A/G/PG 400: Advanced Shapes such as Pipe, Russian Almond

Level Four Competition Series $600

A/G/PG 500: Perfect square, almond and stiletto

A/G/PG 600: Fantasy Posters & extreme competitions

What is included:

Apart from undivided attention and training, level one includes a full kit that the student may take home with them so they may practice and perfect their new skills! All other levels do not have a kit included, but it does include a goodie bag! Product will be available for use in class, simply bring your brushes and if you like your own e-file. As noted above I do allow my students to use mine, however some are not used to the design of it- I leave that to your own personal preference. 

A certificate of completion is included so you may show it off!

Pricing & Other Details:

Disclaimers, details and fine print.

All class fees, deposits, and sales are non refundable. I do offer several ways of payment, such as ApplePay, GooglePay, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, any major credit cards as well as payment plans through AfterPay. Payments must be made to reserve your class, no $ no confirmation. Payment options:

Option 1) pay in full through my website or to use AfterPay HERE

Shortly after the purchase of the course, you will be contacted to go over your class registration details and scheduling

Option 2) I can invoice you: pay $250 deposit and remaining balance 48 hours prior to class. Contact me to book with this option. Cannot use AfterPay for this option!

You may either use your own hand (must arrive with nails free of product we will not have any time to remove any product) or with prior knowledge, we might be able to arrange a model. I personally don't like fake hands, as they're not like the real deal, and you need skin for the cuticle portion of class, so I strongly discourage using them in my private class. They are ok for you to practice on at home, but please leave them at home for our class. 

Delivered lunch is included with our class, and to better accommodate you, please let me know of any dietary restrictions or allergies!

Please do not be late, if you are going to be late please text me prior to 10am! I reserved this time for you, please know I cannot go past our scheduled time and would hate to reduce your individual education time. Vaccination and masks are not required however I hold the right to amend the mask wearing if cases start to spike. 



Shoot me a text, DM or email and I will get to you asap!