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E-File European Manicure!
My exclusive, non invasive technique creates a perfect appearance and long lasting manicure without soaking.


What is a 
European Manicure? 

The European manicure, often referred to as Russian Style, Dry Manicure, or E-file Manicure, is an advanced technique employing an electronic file to precisely eliminate surplus skin around the nail plate. This trend has gained immense popularity in Europe and is rapidly making waves in the American market. There are several compelling reasons behind its appeal.

I have created a technique that is minimally invasive, but efficient in creating a perfect canvas for long lasting beautiful nails. Being trained overseas, I perfected the traditional Russian Manicure, but back here in the states I have created a faster, less invasive, but equally beautiful technique that everyone wants to learn! With theory, demonstration, and testing/assessments, both online and in person students will have thorough knowledge and certification of my signature manicure that sets the stage for all services, hands or feet!

Firstly, European Manicure stands out for its exceptional cleanliness and flawless results, ensuring that your nails are picture-perfect. Furthermore, it boasts remarkable longevity, surpassing traditional gel manicures by two to three times. The nail technician employs an electric file with precision akin to that of a surgeon wielding a scalpel, skillfully eliminating excess skin from both the nail and cuticle. The optional trimming of the skin contributes to an overall stunning appearance.

As the demand for this method has surged, numerous European manicure tutorials have flooded YouTube. Yet, attempting this on your own is not advisable. Mishaps can lead to nail damage and elevate the risk of infection or injury. In my E-File Russian Manicure Classes, you have the opportunity to acquire this skill safely under the guidance of Arizona's premier instructor.

European Manicure Courses

My technique of the European Manicure creates the best canvas for all nail enhancements and nail art! 

Sterilizing Manicure Tools

What makes our courses unique?

Focus on each Student

In order to ensure that every student receives the necessary attention to detail, I prefer to do private one on one lessons but willing to do mini group classes; classes are limited to a maximum of four participants at a time. 

Best products

I exclusively employ materials that have withstood the test of time and gained the trust of my customers, the same materials utilized in my studio. As part of the course package, each student will be offered a starter gel kit.

Easy to learn technique

I've crafted an exclusive training program designed by our expert team. This program encompasses essential insights and expert tips derived not only from textbooks but also from our practical experience in the field and valuable lessons learned from other top masters specializing in Russian e-file manicure techniques.

We provide models

There's no need for concern about finding practice models; we take care of that for you during the course, allowing you to concentrate solely on honing your new skills.


Rest assured, we're here to support you. Even after completing your training, you're never on your own. You can always reach out to us with any questions or concerns in the future.

The 5 keys to success with 
our E-File
Russian Manicure Classes



We offer training that aligns with the latest trends in manicure, focusing on contemporary techniques for nail plate enhancement and reinforcement.

A gentle and non-invasive manicure that prioritizes the client's well-being without causing harm.


Mastering the art of efficient and productive work while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Upon successfully completing our E-File Russian Manicure Classes, you will receive a certification of completion. A printed  and certified version for in person classes, a pdf version for online classes.

Practice is our everything!

In just one day, you'll work on one model, and during our comprehensive three-day training program, you'll have the opportunity to practice on three different models. This approach ensures optimal material comprehension, muscle memory development, and the creation of an initial portfolio to kickstart your career promptly. Additionally, we offer kits with essential materials and diamond bits for you to take home and continue your journey.

Manicure Machine

Got questions?

Contact me any method you like and I will answer to all your questions.


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