I am very transparent about the level of expectations, and all clients must agree and follow all policies. Acceptance of these policies is required upon booking Please visit my F.A.Q. for more info.

~If you arrive showing any symptoms of being sick or ill you will be asked to leave and forfeit booking fee. I won't put myself or others at risk.

~I reserve the right to refuse service at any time.

~Booking fee required to book and will go towards service.

~No children allowed. It is for their safety and others sanity that children are not allowed in my studio. No exceptions.

~Photo of natural nails may be required.

~Prices are based on time and add-ons, not service. 

~Late policy: DO NOT BE LATE. Appointment will be cancelled (marked no-show) if you do not communicate with me prior to your appointment that you are going to be late. (We all have smart phones, and we are all adults, we know if we are going to b late before the scheduled time.) No-call no show forfeit non refundable deposit and must re-book/reschedule. I respect your time, please respect mine.

~If you are confused, please contact me before booking so you know exactly which service to book. I can only service what is booked. Text me with questions, I am very text friendly.


~ All booking fees, deposits and prepayments are non refundable and non transferable.


~48 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy, 100% amount of service due. 

~Forms of payment accepted: cash, credit card, venmo


~ At your first new set appointment you must come in with all product removed and your natural nails will be shortened to nubs to properly fit forms/tips. I always suggest a fresh set with me, but understand some clients do not have the means or desire to remove product before coming in. If I need to remove product it will be charged by time.


~I'm sorry, no natural nails (manicure or pedicure)


~ I do not normally work or fill on other tech's work, if possible please arrive with naked nails or there will be NO warranty on fill done on other's work.

~ Appointment start times are extremely limited to mid-mornings. 

~Invoices must be paid within 12 hours of missed appointment or will not be booked in the future. 

~Client deposits have 3 hours to be paid. After 3 hours the next client requesting that spot will be offered it. 

~Clients that are consistently late or do not pay their invoices in a timely manner will not be allowed to book future appointments. 

~We strongly uphold all of our policies and warranties, and understand that Classique may not be the best match for you (or vice versa.)

~Travel fees: all travel expenses and daily rate to be paid in advance upon booking. Travel fees do not go towards the service, the service is separate.

~Should the unfortunate event happen where you cannot afford to pay for your services, the authorities will be contacted.

When booking, please take into consideration no two sets will cost the same. Each client's natural nails are very different and "a set of nails" can vary to just laying nude acrylic down with a gel topcoat or glitter inlaid hard gel sets with hand painting and Swarovski crystals. Some overlays can take an hour, while some sets can take 2-3 hours depending on the work required and length. On rare editorial occasions some extreme sets can take much longer. Contacting me prior to booking is absolutely necessary, or your appointment may be denied. I look forward to creating an amazing set of nails for you.