The descriptions below were written for in-person classes.

Apologies for the typos. I wish I could teach in person but hopefully next year!

Acrylic & Hard Gel 

In this hand's on start to finish course you will learn how to create beautiful nails that will last. Gel nails are an odorless enhancement that is becoming more and more in demand, and flawless acrylic enhancements are everywhere on social media. Knowing proper structure will set you above the competition. You'll learn how to create Ombre/Baby Boomer/French Fade nails, inlaid nails and more! 

No two classes are ever the same!

You’ll learn:

~proper prep

~tips/form placement and application

~shaping and filing (get that perfect shape!)

~perfect photo taking to show off your work!

I will go over how I prep and finish with an e-file, but is not required to bring one for level one; you may bring one if you would like but I do not mind sharing mine. Level two you are required to bring your own e-file. 


Level II & III has more advanced shapes including but not limited to Russian Almond, Gothic Almond, Marilyn, Pipe, and more. Level I must be taken with me before moving on to level II. 

No fake hands! Please arrive with no product on your nails you will be your own model. (or with PRIOR arrangement you may bring in a model of your choice.)

For this course online I will send you a small goodie bag prior to your class to use during class! You are always welcome to use what you have, but what I have listed are the products I use during class.

Product list, please have these items before class:

Forms or tips

Efile & bits 

File & buffer

Matte & Shiny topcoat

Acrylic course:

Monomer liquid & dappen dish

Big One Acrylic brush (size 10, or 8 nothing bigger)

Clear acrylic

Nude acrylic

White acrylic

Colored acrylic

Hard Gel Course:​

Clear gel

Nude gel

White gel

Creme Color gel or Colour It Gel Polish (your coise of color)

Luxury brush

Ombre brush (pink)

Cool fusion gel course:

Cool fusion liquid & dappen dish

Clear gel

Nude gel

White gel

Creme Color gel Colour It Gel Polish (your coise of color)

Luxury Brush & the big one acrylic brush (size 10 or 8, nothing bigger)

Ombre brush (pink)

Another shot of my party nails.jpe
For my friend, _parisparsnip 💙💚💜_#cla
Frigid ☃

 One Stroke Hand Painting, Gel Art Courses & 3D Nail Art

One Stroke is my most popular class! I combine level one and two to create amazing nail art!

We start with an intro to art brushes, line work, and blending one stroke paint, then finishing with the one stroke rose. I start with level one were you will learn basic brush movements because it is a great warm up for the next level. We move onto level two advancing our blending and painting techniques. By learning several basic one move strokes and fine lines, and design theory you will know how to combine these into several designs. 

Gel art is the way of the future! No more fear of bad lines, poor blending, and lack of details. Using design theory and the products listed below you and I will go step by step to create beautiful l trendy nail art!

In person-This class includes all paints and products to use in class as well as a kit for you to take home. I will have other items on hand not included in the kit, if you wish you purchase during or after class.

Products needed for each art course:

Art display/practice tips

Tip holder & glue dots

Matte & Shiny Topcoat

One Stroke Course:

Easy One and/or Mini one stroke brush

Perfect line or fine lace brush

Fine shader brush

Picasso Art Gel Paints: White, Neon Pink,Purple, Green & Yellow (you may add more colors if you wish but these are the basics for one stroke)

Transfer Foil Gel Design Course:

Foil transfer gel

Transfer foils

(optional) Elastic gel, Swarovski crystals, Picasso Art Gels

Gel Polish Ombre Course:

Coulor It gel polish (select your own colors)

Ombre brush (pink)

Ombre sponge art tool

Picasso art gels (select your own colors)

Hand Painting Gel Art Course:

Perfect line or fine lace brush

Precision and/or Fine shader brush

Picasso Art Gel Paints: White, Black, and two other colors of your choice

3D Acrylic Course:

Monomer & dappen dish

3D acrylic brush

Colored acrylic of your choice

3D Gel Art:

Reaslistic 3D gel (select your own colors)

Reasltic Essential drops

Silicone tool (or 3D acrylic brush designated for gel only)


Press On Course

This is quickly becoming a very popular class!

In this course I will go over how I personally create, pack and ship my press ons.

You will not need any supplies prior to the class, as I go over everything during the class so be sure to have a pen and paper to take notes! If you have questions relating to anything press on this course is for you!

If you would like to upgrade your course to include nail art, we can do that as well. I can add a product list, just let me know what design(s) you would like to learn prior to the class.