Models Wanted!

Sculpted Gel Nails up to Medium Length needed for August 2022!

Competition & Editorial Models

Now that my nail competition season is starting and my student courses are filling up, I will need hand models for specific competitions and editorials. First and foremost- each set is artist choice. I specialize in competition style nails and need models able to wear what I apply on them. These sets will be filmed, photographed and used for educational, competitive or social media purposes. The price is half of what I normally charge for clients.

Please skim through the details on this page if you are interested in becoming one of my hand models. Ideally I would love to find a couple models that can visit regularly.


Photos are examples of the current styles that I will need a model for but please bear in mind being a model of mine is 100% artist's choice. 


Photos & 


To be considered for an upcoming model position I will need photos of your hands in order to possibly select you as a hand model. Please have the top and bottom of your hand up to wrists photographed. All hand models will be filmed and/or photographed during the process, so photo submissions are vital before moving forward. I do need specific nail sizes, so seeing your photos helps me in the selection process. Your face will never be filmed but I require all hand models to sign a release form before we begin.




This is a scheduled appointment, and these rules must be followed at all times or the appointment will be cancelled.

Do NOT be late! Please don't be late. My time, like your time is valuable and tardiness is a huge set peeve of mine. A text takes seconds to send, if you're running late please let me know before your scheduled appointment time. For this reason alone is why I require a retainer* 

This is 100% artist's choice! Including but not limited to shape, colors, techniques, nail art, etc. Because I have a constant flow of events and publications, my models must be ok with 100% artist's choice. I will not edit, alter, redo or remove the nails and designs once done. 

If this is for a special event, I am willing to work with a particular theme; wedding, French, solid color to name a few, I do have a need for that style of model as well! It will still be artist's choice but I am willing to work with you for your special event- just ask!

No extra guests or entourage, please. My studio is fairly quaint and as a studio rule I do not allow extra guests.

Models must be 18+ as even though I am only photographing and filming your hands, a release may be required. 



Does this sound like something you would like to try out?

If you are interested, please send me a DM on Instagram @ClassicfiedNails

Or send me a text at 415-525-2033

Retainer Required

 I require a retainer to hold your spot as a sitting fee. This fee is significantly reduced from what I charge clients. I do this because our scheduled appointment is a contract for a set time and date.