Coronavirus/Covid-19 update:

Due to the current pandemic, I will not be accepting ANY models or in-person students until further notice. Online education is available for my students, and custom press-ons are available.

On my end- I have always taken extreme caution regarding myself, my models, and my student's health and safety as the biggest priority over anything else. I go above and beyond the guidelines set forth by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. Each client receives new disposable items (such as but not limited to files, buffers, etc) and my disinfecting and sterilizing of implements is top notch and each set of tools (metal implements) arrive for you in a sanitary package. My station has always been sprayed with a hospital grade disinfectant and then wiped down with a disinfecting wipe before the start of my day and after every single model. I even take the time to wrap arm rests, provide fresh clean towels, and personally wear nitrile gloves during each service. Cleanliness will always be my biggest priority for prevention.

Potential models & students- I will be screening all  inquires very carefully going forward as I will not put myself or others at risk of becoming ill. I reserve the right to turn anyone away for any reason, especially if any of them shows signs of being sick. I will not accept anyone until there is a vaccine, we have reached herd immunity, and the student/model must show proof of vaccination.


If I have questions, how do I contact you?

All questions must be through text message (415-525-2033) as I cannot answer the phone when I am filming, teaching, with a model or at an event. I will reply back as promptly as possible (may take up to 24 hours), if it is past 5pm I will most likely reply in the morning, after 9am. I reply to texts Monday-Friday 10am-5pm Arizona time zone.

How to I book an appointment?

I will not be taking any clients in the future- I will only be taking models. When I take models, I will only be taking those allowing me creative freedom only. Models will be filmed and/or photographed for competition, social media and educational purposes. I will need a handful of models coming up and will edit my website and social media when I will be accepting models. Sometimes, I will post last minute model openings on my Instagram page  @ClassicMully. Model appointments may require a non refundable and non transferable booking fee, and may need to submit photos of their hands. The fee is to make sure my models show up. Competition models that travel with me will be paid after the final day of competition* (details for competition models will be posted when I am able to take models in person).

Where are you located?

Gilbert, Arizona. Address will be provided 48 hours prior to your appointment. ​I am in a state board licensed establishment. 

What is your children or entourage policy?

No guests and no children are allowed for any reason. My studio is quite small and private. 


What if I break a nail?

If you are a model that paid for our set, and a nail breaks within 7 days of the service there is usually no charge for a repair unless it was picked or ripped off. I will usually get you in within 3 business days (as long as I am in town). If you were a complimentary model, you will be charged.

How long do services take?

I proudly take my time to hand create each custom set of nails. All sets start at 90 minutes WITHOUT art, and can go up depending on the intricacy. Most sets take 120 minutes but can take 150 minutes or much more. Please plan accordingly. I do nails my way, as trained by top nail artists in the world, and I will not be rushed. Thank you for understanding.

What if I’m late?

DO NOT ARRIVE LATE especially without any prior knowledge* or you will have to rebook and pay a new booking fee, if another opening is available. Please arrive on time or five minutes early. *Depending on my schedule, I may not be able to take your appointment and you will lose your booking fee. Lateness is a matter of respect, I respect your time, please respect mine. If you are late you will throw my entire day off. If you don't have the courtesy to let me know you'll be late I do not have the courtesy to wait, a simple text takes seconds. If you are more than 5 minutes early I ask that you wait in your vehicle as I will not be ready for you until your scheduled time. Anyone constantly late will not be booked again.


Can I eat in your salon or use my phone?

No. I need to make sure your hands are free of anything that could cause lifting and impact the adhesion (limits the guarantee of my nails.) Phones are very distracting and subliminally cause clients to move their hand. I require all clients to put their phones on vibrate/silent I am strict on limiting phone use, if it becomes a problem you will have to put it away. Your nails are an investment, please treat them as jewels!

I have product on my nails. Do you remove other salon’s products?

No, I do not know what was used and do not know how long it will take to remove it. (Some removals have taken over an hour to remove!) Please have your nails bare of any and all product upon arrival of your appointment.

What are sculpted nails?

Sculpted nails are acrylic or hard gel enhancements that are custom fit to your nail bed, by using forms and not tips. Sculpting nails that will last is an art form that takes time to complete, thus why they cost more. Be prepared to sit (and watch tv) as sculpted nails usually take a minimum of 1.5 HOURS to create. Because of that, sculpted nails are usually more expensive. 


What is the difference between hard gel and acrylic?

Acrylic is when liquid and powder create a chemical reaction to harden on your nail. Hard gel is a builder product similar to acrylic however it is already premixed in a gel form instead of powder form and does not harden until under a curing light (UV/LED lamp). Gel can cause an unpleasant burning sensation, but it is crystal clear and odorless. Text if you have any questions. I do charge more for sculpted gel, but not with tips.

How should I remove current product?

Proper removal helps to ensure proper adhesion of the next set. ​Acrylic and Gel X can be soaked off. Hard gel cannot be soaked off and must only be filed off. Ripping off nails will greatly affect the adhesion and is not recommended at all. Extreme damage to natural nail will also affect my guarantee of the nails. Please do not tear off nails!

What are c-curves and apex?

To create the proper structure of enhancements, I must pinch your nails to create a c-curve for extra strength, durability and sleek design. The apex is the “hump” on the nails that keep them strong for over a month. I pinch every set and place the apex properly, not having either will limit my guarantee on my work.

What are Gel X Extensions?

Gel X Extensions are a much faster alternative to enhancement application. They apply completely crystal clear; perfect for jelly nails. There is no damage to the natural nail, and create instant length that will last up to 4 weeks. They must be removed, and a new set applied (as suggested by the manufacturer). These are wonderful for first time enhancement clients, special events or nail biters! I have worn my for 3-4 weeks and they feel strong. (I currently do not offer removals of this service at this time, maybe I will again in the future; I just dislike waiting for product to soak off.) 

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