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My promise regarding safety: I have always taken extreme caution regarding myself, my models, and my student's health and safety as the biggest priority over anything else. The past thirteen years I gone above and beyond the guidelines set forth by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. Each client or model in my chair has always received new disposable items (such as but not limited to files, buffers, etc) and my disinfecting and sterilizing of implements is top notch and each set of tools (metal implements) are in sanitary package. My station has always been sprayed with a hospital grade disinfectant and then wiped down with a disinfecting wipe before the start of my day and after every single person or project. I even take the time to wrap arm rests, provide fresh clean towels, and personally wear nitrile gloves during each service. Cleanliness has always be my biggest priority.

If I have questions, how do I contact you?

All questions must be through text message (415-525-2033) or Instagram DM as I cannot answer the phone when I am filming, teaching, or at an event. I will reply back as promptly as possible (may take up to 48 hours but I do try as quickly as possible), if it is past 5pm I will most likely reply in the morning, after 9am. My business hours for replying  to texts are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm Arizona time zone (minus holidays).

How to I book an appointment?

I am accepting a very limited clientele at this time; I have a limited calendar and cannot take on a full load of clients. Please contact me directly to inquire. For safety reasons a photo of a government issued ID, acceptance of policies and retainer is required to hold any spots. Chill vibes only, please!

I do also offer custom press ons, decals & nail wraps!

Where are you located?

In a private, licensed studio in Gilbert, Arizona and as a guest artist at Be Coffee + Nails/Wild Indigo in Chandler, Arizona. Apologies for the inconvenience but I am suspending appointments at Be/Wild Indigo until further notice. 


If you are going to be late please shoot me a text before your appointment time so I don’t worry about you! I may have to adjust your service time. If you need to reschedule please give me at least 24 hours notice before your appointment. If you're 10 minutes late past your appointment without texting me I will mark it a no-show and you will not be able to book in the future.


My studio is quite intimate, please bring only yourself. 


To focus on your nails please leave your phone on silent/vibrate and limit it’s usage. For your entertainment I have movies, YouTube , Hulu, Disney+ etc.

Please reschedule if you are sick.

To secure your spot, I will need a non refundable retainer and a photo of your government ID. Retainers will go towards your set as long as you don’t flake or disrespect my policies.

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