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Sorry, no acrylic here! Hard gel & poly is life!


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At this time I am currently not accepting clients but I am accepting models for my signature Epic Gel Manicure and GelX Styled Extensions! I have a few limited spots open- please DM me on IG or send me a text message if you are interested! Disclaimer: while I cannot take clients, I am only taking models because I simply don't have the openings or commitment available for a clientele, especially during my the construction on my studio. I do offer custom press ons for a special event or holiday! (And if you're local, I have a limited time offer of a professional installation (application) or your press on nails- click below to see all the details on what I am currently offering! I do not offer removals so please arrive with completely naked nails free from all products.

Epic Gel Manicure

My epic gel manicure is way more than a gel manicure. Using an e-file, I will prep and care for even the worst cuticles to look flawless and give the most perfect gel color application. This service includes an application of a thin layer gel (BIAB) to current natural nails. Models may send me their ideas, hopes and wishes (photos) but sometimes this will be an artist's choice. What is included with my epic gel manicure is gel color, nail art (ranging from simplistic to all out with hand painting, 3D, stones, glitter and inlay), super shiny or matte topcoat, cuticle maintenance, light moisturizing massage and warm aromatherapy towels.

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Handmade Custom Press-Ons

Luxury Press Ons custom created to your desired style, shape and length. 100% reusable! Almost anything in my gallery here or on my Instagram can be made within 5-14 days of ordering. For a perfect fit, I suggest ordering a size kit to get a feel for the exact sizes that fit your shape and length requested. Upon receiving your size kit you will be given a coupon code/gift certificate of towards your set purchase. Please visit the press on menu!


Limited Time Installation Offer!

For a limited time I am offering a professional installation of custom press ons! With purchase of a press on set, local babes may now receive this as an option. Why have a professional installation? My installation (or application of press ons) include a custom sizing and fit of your nails. I will apply the nails to your preference of wearability (ranges from one night to up to two weeks+). Optional-I can even adhere them so you will not have to soak off the nails, keeping them completely reusable without any damage to your natural nails or the custom set! How cool is that?!


GelX Extensions

Also for a limited time I am offering models the opportunity to try out and wear GelX Styled Extensions! These crystal clear gel nails are perfect for jelly nails!  Similar to gel polish, they will last 2+ weeks and they totally soak off like gel polish!  Try 'em as an alternative option to traditional acrylic, polygel or hard gel enhancements. Service includes application of pre-formed shapes, a single gel color, and super shiny (or matte) gel topcoat, a light moisturizing massage and warmed towels.*Other art, 3D and bling may be available but it will most likely be artist's choice but contact me and we can chat! Note: each previous set must be soaked off prior to a new application.

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