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Gel Specialist 

Sorry, no acrylic here! Hard gel & poly is life!

Gel Manicure 

My gel manicure is way more than a gel manicure! Using an e-file, I will prep and care for even the worst cuticles to look flawless and give the most perfect gel color application. This service includes an application of a thin layer gel (BIAB) to current natural nails. Want to grow out your natural nails? This gel manicure includes one gel color,  super shiny or matte topcoat, cuticle maintenance, light moisturizing massage and warm aromatherapy towels. Art available. Gel manicure will be carefully e-file to be removed, no soaking in acetone. 

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GelX Extensions

Similar to gel polish, they will last 3+ weeks! Try 'em as an alternative option to traditional acrylic, polygel or hard gel enhancements. Service includes application of pre-formed shapes, a single gel color, and super shiny (or matte) gel topcoat, a light moisturizing massage and warmed towels.Other art, 3D and bling available.

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Gel Full Sets

Properly applied enhancements (artificial nails) are an art form that takes time to craft. Sets start at an hour and half without art. Classicfied specializes in art sets, colored gel and polygel/acrygel, encapsulated or inlaid art (permanent designs).

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Handmade Custom Press-Ons

Luxury Press Ons custom created to your desired style, shape and length. 100% reusable! Almost anything in my gallery here or on my Instagram can usually be made within 3-7 days in production* after receiving sizes. For a perfect fit, I suggest ordering a size kit to get a feel for the exact sizes that fit your shape and length requested. Shop link in menu or contact for custom nails.


Wrap Manicure

Wrap manicures are cool! BYOW or select from my massive collection, or contact me to create a custom set for you! Wraps do not need to be soaked off to be removed! 2-3+ weeks of wear!


Trust the process! XOXO

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