Pro Gel Manicure

Structured dry manicure with e-file and gel color application.

Application of a thin layer of gel to current natural nails. Includes single Gel Color, super shiny (or matte) gel topcoat, simple art accent nails, light moisturizing massage and warm aromatherapy towels. (Art, 3D and bling available). Please note, I do not soak off for this service, I file to remove (faster, and safe). Inlaid designs available. 

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Gel & PolyGel Full Sets

Need length? Properly applied enhancements (artificial nails) are an art form that takes time to craft. Sets start at an hour and half without art. Set will be with tips or sculpts- Classic will determine based on your natural nails, lifestyle and her preference of application; 95% of sets are sculpted. Classic specializes in colored gel, and polygel/acrygel encapsulated (permanent designs).

Nude or Clear (Glass nails) 

 New sets start with our signature cover pink or clear gel/acrygel. Includes one gel color, if desired.


French Fade/Ombre

Signature Cover Pink & Soft White Colored Gel/Acrygel Permanent Ombre

Other colors including color changing and glow in the dark available!

Inlaid/Permanent Design

 These sets include a permanent design inside the nail (french, ombre, broken glass and more), with a flawless shape and finish. Color/glitter enhancements with inlaid embellishments.

Freestyle Design

Freestyle sets are artist choice. Sets could include 3D and/or Swarovski crystals, but I will have full control over the set from length and shape to color pallet.

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Apres Gel X Extensions

Crystal clear gel nails- Perfect for jelly nails! No odor, and no damage to natural nails. Similar to gel polish in that they will last 2+ weeks and can be soaked off prior to new application. Try 'em as an alternative option to traditional acrylic or hard gel enhancements. Service includes application of pre-formed shapes, a single gel color, and super shiny (or matte) gel topcoat. *Other art, 3D and bling available. Soaks off completely like gel polish! Each previous set must be soaked off prior to a new application.

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All retainers are non refundable and non transferable- 48 hour cancellation policy.